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'Let Excalibur be your Pest Friends'

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Warrington Cheshire Merseyside North West England

Montage of common pests, showing a rat, cockroach, ants, pigeon, beetle, bees, rabbit, mole, and two large beetles.

Excalibur Cleaning Company (UK) Ltd are based in Warrington, Cheshire. We are a family run business whose simple aim is to provide high quality pest & infestation control alongside our general cleaning business across Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and North West England.

Excalibur are unique because we specialise in Humane Pest & Infestation Control. Pests do not know they are pests, they are just doing what comes natural. This aligns perfectly with our Contract Cleaning business for Commercial premises, including Window Cleaning.

Prevention is Better than Cure - It is better to have a pest controller in place to control pests before they become an issue, than to need pest control when they have become a major problem - we can work with you to achieve this.

We offer a full site survey free of charge, and provide a free no obligation quote, and use the latest technology to clean windows, and our products are environmentally friendly.

Family Run Cleaning & Pest Control Company Cheshire North West UK

Excalibur Cleaning Company... was started in 2003 by Mike Hughes, and has steadily grown by word of mouth recommendation to the present day company. Our ethos is to provide a top quality service and give exceptional value for money. No pushy sales tactics, if you have a problem call us, we will solve the problem or in the unlikely case that we cannot, we will tell you and make an appropriate recommendation.

Sadly (for the client) we often get called in to solve a pest infestation problem. Having solved the immediate problem, we do not walk away; we advise on policies and procedures to put in place to minmise any possibility of the problem happening again - prevention is better than cure! Pests cannot always be totally eradicated, but we can make any reappearence a minor problem that we can easily deal with, thus keeping down costs.

Discretion - if you are a business owner, especialy food related, we feel a van sign written with pest control outside your front door is not good for business. On the other hand, a van advertising a cleaning business seen outside your premises is a positive thing, so our vans are sign written for our cleaning business.

Family Business

Mike & Katie Hughes, your Excalibur Cleaning Company Directors - small enough to care, along with their Team, big enough to cope.

Humane Pest Control & Inspection Specialists based in Warrington

Excalibur Cleaning Company are specialists in Pest Control & Inspection Services for estate agents, property developers and construction companies. Time and time again we are having to give people huge bills to solve their pest infestations, and when we ask why they don't have pest control policies and procedures in place, the reply we invariably get is 'well we've never needed it until now'!

Some Good Advice: pest control is like insurance, pay a little now to ensure you don't have to pay a lot in the future.

If an infestation would harm your business you need pest control. Do the Environmental Health spend a while inspecting your property? With our pest control report file in place, they will be in and out in 10 minutes. Yes, ultimately we would like you to use our services so we know you are covered, as we believe our quality is the highest and our prices are the lowest for the level of service provided, but there are a lot of good pest controllers out there, so get a few quotes, speak to a few directors, but get pest control if they can harm your business.

Safe Contractor Member

We are full current members of safecontractor, which shows that we are fully insured and comply with all aspects of health and safety and training.

Excalibur Pest Control Solutions for...

We have pest control solutions for a wide variety of pests.

Problems with pests or infestation problems are not something that individuals, and particularly businesses, wish to advertise. Therefore, our vehicles are sign written advertising our cleaning business, with no mention of pest control; thus protecting our clients, and potential clients' reputation.

Pest problems include:

  • Insects - including wasps, bees, ants, beetles, weevils and cockroaches
  • Animals - including rats, mice, rabbits and moles
  • Birds - mainly pigeons

Some negative impacts pests can have:

  • Damaged Reputation - especially in the food industry
  • Loss of profits - estimated to run into billions across Europe in 2014 alone
  • Prevention - over 60% of UK businesses only react when a problem occurs
  • Low staff morale - can lead to having to recruit new staff and train them
  • Disruption - almost 50% of UK businesses affected, took at least two weeks to return to normal
  • Damaged stock - has to be destroyed, which often incurs costs; has to be replaced, which may not be possible in a timely manner
  • Loss of income - over 80% of businesses who experienced a pest problem reported loss of revenue

Our Vans

Our vans are sign written for our cleaning business. This means we can arrive at your premises discreetly, should you have a pest problem.

Common Insect Pests

Beetles and wasps.

Excalibur Commercial Industrial Cleaners including Window Cleaning

Excalibur Commercial Window Cleaning.

We use the latest technology which is industry approved, and we are full current members of Safe Contractor, which gives potential clients peace of mind as this demonstrates that we work to a very high standard, and carry the neccessary insurance.

We do not undertake domestic window cleaning.

All our staff are professional window cleaners and can use the traditional applicator and squeegee method.

General Office & Commercial Cleaners.

Excalibur also provide general cleaning and communal cleaning for offices, restaurants, hotels and most commercial premises. Our friendly uniformed staff are handpicked for their expertise and attention to detail, and will exceed our customers' expectations.

Commercial Window Cleaning Equipment

Our window cleaning equipment uses the latest technology, allowing us to undertake high level cleaning up to 4 stories.

Humane Pest Control

At Excalibur we strongly believe in Humane Pest Control - pests do not realise that they are pests, they are just following their natural instincts, and are not hell-bent on causing misery and destruction to the human race. Let Excalibur be your pest's friends and we will show them where they can go, i.e. away from your premises.